Going Green With Packaging Innovation

Going Green With Packaging Innovation

Carbon footprints and going green are big news these days. More of us than ever are using cars instead of public transport, munching convenience food in single-use packaging instead of a good old Tupperware-packed lunch, and buying online from overseas rather than shopping locally. The result? Global-warming and damage to the environment at large. With our lives busier than ever, convenience is unlikely to trump choosing environmentally friendly options for many consumers and so businesses looking to reduce their own impact on the globe and by extension that of their customers, are searching for environmentally friendly options that they can out into practice at a grassroots level without their customers having to make the choice.

Discarded packaging is admittedly a problem area. Take a second to think of even your own consumption each day – perhaps a couple of takeout coffees, a sandwich at lunch in plastic packaging, crisps, fruit in a single-serving pot – not to mention the containers even bulk-buy food from the supermarket comes in. It brings into sharp focus the amount of packaging each of us throws away every day and companies are starting to think more seriously about where changes can be made to cut this number down.

The guys at Greenbox are a particularly inspiring bunch for those of us in the packaging industry – their trademark 100% recyclable and compostable pizza box is something of a transformation artist. Not only does the lid break into four sturdy plates ready for al-fresco pizza eating, but the bottom half folds into a handy transporter for leftovers – genius! We’ve not quite branched out into slice boxes yet but are duly impressed with their innovation which extends to cardboard doggie bags and wrap sleeves.

Our own bowls, trays and boxes are made from SFI-certified paper and are 100% recyclable too so if your business is looking to take the next step towards being planet-friendly then fully customized packaging from ID is a great start. Remember, if you’re thinking about making a move towards being environmentally conscious then it’s likely your customers are as well, so make it easy for them and go eco-friendly with your food containers without compromising on branding. We know trying out a new packaging provider can feel like a big step so our low minimum orders make it easy on the purse strings too. Come have a chat with us in person at the Takeaway Expo in London’s Excel on September 27th and 28th if that’s more your speed! You can grab your free tickets here: http://ow.ly/ba2J3029Iww

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