Good Things Come In Sustainable Packages

Good Things Come In Sustainable Packages

Considering carbon footprints and green-living is big news these days and customers hold companies more accountable than ever to help slow the rate of global warming. So, when your diners are choosing their lunch or dinner-on-the-go options they’re not just looking for that organic stamp or full-on flavours, they’re assessing how you package their meal too.

According to a Guardian article which lifted the lid on how and why packaging can be so difficult to recycle, many items we immediately assume to be recyclable – takeout coffee cups for example – are simply just too complex to bother with. Layers upon layers of plastic are used to make even the most basic of packaging like crisp packets, and these are headed straight for the landfill once they’ve been wolfed down. Even cardboard pizza boxes can be a real bugbear since any food stuck to the box renders it useless in recycling terms.

With so many obstacles between you and going green you could ask yourself, why bother? We believe that even taking cost into consideration it can be easy to help the environment and have affordable, marketable packaging. At ID Packaging we offer a range of options that’ll help you save the planet and have your business brand out and about on the streets in the hands of customers too. It can be all too easy just to say we use SFI certified paper sourced from sustainable forests for all of our outer boxes, but it’s important to know how that can be effective. Paper packaging like ours has a simpler make-up meaning it’s more likely to be recycled, and our plastic inner trays are also recyclable! Their versatility ensures there is always an end market for the right quality of recycled material. Plastic packaging is normally recycled by reducing the rigid material into granules.

At ID Packaging we think that sustainable, recyclable packaging doesn’t need to cost the earth. Our order minimums are kept low so that even the smallest of companies can make sure that their food containers can go green too. Food safe dyes sweeten the deal further and help your business get on brand without branding the earth with waste.

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