Green Is Good For Business

Green Is Good For Business

We should all know by now that sustainability of the materials we use is good for the planet, but did you that know going green could pay just as great dividends to your wallet? When it comes to ideas for generating better business we know you like your facts short and snappy, so here are our top five reasons to make sustainable packaging work for you.

Confirm Your Status

A survey revealed that 76% of consumers look to certification to make sure that a company’s claims about how sustainable their products are ring true. Ordering your packaging from ID  Packaging would be a step in the right direction as all our paper bowls and trays are SFI-certified so your customers can be sure that global forests aren’t feeling the effects.

Good News Travels

It’s estimated that 72% of shoppers would pass on information about a brand which supports good causes over one that does not. That means that if you prove your commitment to planet-saving, your customers could take the hard work out of marketing for you! Word of mouth is one of the surest ways to build a loyal buyer-base and since the stats speak for themselves, you’d best get buying in your eco-friendly lunch boxes.

It All Pays Off

Half – yes, half! – of consumers said they’d be willing to pay more for something that came from a company which chooses eco-friendly and sustainable options to work with. That’s a huge slice of the market-share pie that you can stick your fork into easily by switching your packaging provider to ID Packaging and be safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the business’ and the customer’s conscious.

The Thinking Man’s Choice

Carbon footprints are a regular news feature and companies are under increasing pressure to reduce theirs wherever possible. Too right as well, as a whopping 90% of customers think about their own potential environmental impact before making a purchase.

Honesty’s the Best Policy

78% of shoppers said that they’ll put the stoppers on any purchases they make from a business that is misleading about its sustainability activities. At ID Packaging, we have an open approach to your business needs and in turn provide you with exactly what we say we’re going to – custom-printed, eco-friendly packaging at competitive prices (and some top-class banter too, but that’s thrown in for free!). Take this forward to your customers with sustainable choices and you’re on to a winner.

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